FLUM Demo Page

Here are some examples of what is possible in the shortest time with FLUM CSS Framework.

Demo Fluid Column: This example contains a

Link: Demo Fluid Column
  • 4 column layout 4 x 25%
  • 2 columns layout 2 x 50%
  • 2 (3) column layout 66% - 33%
  • 3 column layout 3 x 33%

Demo Nesting Column: This example contains

Link: Demo Nesting Column

a simple example of the many ways a nested layouts.

Demo Gallery: This example contains

Link: Demo Gallery

a picture gallery and her Responsive behavior.

Demo Media: This example contains

Link: Demo Media

a few different integrations of media data are shown. Responsive of course.

Demo Responsive Table

Link: Demo Responsive Table

One way tables represent responsive. For your own use, please take a look at the HTML source code.

Other layouts can be found under the menu item Prototypes.

Maybe you like some of the free Templates?
Detailed information on the FLUM responsive CSS framework can be read in the manual.