Responsive Design

At Responsive Web Design is the technical implementation of an adaptable website layout. The graphical structure of a “responsive” web site is based on the requirements of the device with which the page is viewed.


HTML5 and CSS3 are still open web standards, as these are not yet adopted by the W3C. Modern browsers support HTML5 and CSS3. The FLUM Framework is cross-browser compatible with modern browsers and devices.

CSS Framework

The CSS Framework Flum was designed to create responsive web pages quickly and easily. The main criteria were a modular leaner and faster source code that validates according to the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] specifications.

What is FLUM?

Flum is a CSS framework for rapid and easy development of responsive web design.

Why IBS has developed an own CSS framework, so there are so many on the market? IBS as Outsourcing partner of many agencies with the requirements of our customers are quite different. Therefore, a framework was flexible which fluid grid and column layout dominates the condition.

Thus it was clear that their own CSS framework was needed. Other criteria were easy to understand without extensive training. Rapid implementation of various designes. Of course, the design on all media to be represented, so responsive.

What is new in FLUM v.2

Flum 2 has been completely revised and has been developed according to the “Mobile First Principle”. The great advantage – fast websites – especially on mobile devices. Based therefore, is only the source code needed charged. So first for display on mobile / smartphone. Devices with larger screen load on the desired source.

Responsive websites that were developed after the “Graceful Degradation Principle”, first download the source code and are then adapted to the screen size. This costs time and memory load.

FLUM is Cross-Browser compatible with all modern Browser.

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